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Jun '18

Special Visitor Insurance Plans With Comprehensive Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage in Florida

For most insurance companies, insured persons must seek medical attention within 12 or 24 hour window after initial symptoms manifestation in order to be considered. When it comes to extreme conditions like a heart attack or stroke, people need to get immediate care since these conditions can be very severe, and could cost a lot of money and tremendous pressure on family. Any pre-existing coverage that uses “acute onset” definition is likely to deny almost all claims for pre-existing conditions in normal course. In the context of healthcare in the United States, a pre-existing condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc., is a pre-existing medical condition that started before person’s health benefits went into effect. Many visitors feel healthy and fit but they might have a condition that they don’t know about. Most insurance companies DO NOT cover pre-existing conditions at all and even if they cover, coverage is very limited to Acute onset coverage and recurrence of pre-existing sickness associated with strict time line. There are many exceptions exist and may nullify the benefits when under acute onset definition.

India Network Health Insurance offers CHUBB Network Comprehensive plan and CHUBB Premier Plan for visitors with pre-existing conditions that will help with different life threatening episodes caused by pre-existing conditions as well as doctor visits and out patient care. These plans DO NOT use Acute Onset definition; hence, they provide great coverage with fewer restrictions. CHUBB Premier and Network Plans sponsored by India Network Foundation cover pre-existing conditions, new problems and accidents for inpatient, outpatient care, labs, x-ray and other diagnostic procedures.. These plans are recommended for older people (50 years and up), and for people with pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing condition coverage comes with a separate deductible. CHUBB Network plan and CHUBB Premier plan are the only ones in the country that provide great coverage for elderly parents and grand parents visiting the United States.

CHUBB Network plan covers 80 percent of medical expenses, and the insured is responsible for the remaining 20 percent up to the policy maximum. This is a great plan for older people (50+ years), and people with pre-existing conditions. CHUBB Premier is another cost effective option for people who are looking for pre-existing coverage and willing to take some risk. This is a fixed benefit plan and is more affordable to fit different budgets. All plans offer online application and payment by credit card from anywhere in the World.

India Network Foundation, a non-profit community organization in USA announces immediate availability of visitor health insurance plans covering pre-existing medical conditions for in-patient and out-patient care for all age groups without Acute onset limitations. India Network establishes itself as a trend setter in providing innovative visitor health insurance plan designs oriented towards its members and their families. The main goal of India Network visitor health insurance programs is to provide the best possible cover for elderly visitors from India at the lowest cost possible using only USA based underwriting companies.

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