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Mar '18

Tips For International Students

Being a student at the U.S. college or university is very exciting but challenging process. It includes so many different things to consider. One of them is to get the right visitor insurance. Why is it so important to have visitor health insurance for students? Some students may argue that they are young and healthy and […]

Feb '18

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Program for US visitors

You definitely should use a chance to spend time with your loved ones and to see the country. United States of America is a beautiful country with wonderful nature and different cultures. When you have family members or friends living in the US, they probably will want you to come visit them in the US. […]

Feb '18

What you need to do before you meet Micky Mouse

If you’re going  to great Orlando to enjoy your vacation with Micky Mouse, there is some things you need to consider before you leave. 1. Getting a Visitor Insurance is a must. Go to this website to learn why it’s important to have a Visitor Health Insurance during your trip. Here you can compare and buy Visitors Health Insurance Plans offered by India Network Services. For example, medical […]