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Apr '18

Tips For International Students Coming To Florida

Be careful when you buy visitor health insurance and if it’s possible, plan your medical expenses in advance in order to stay in a good financial shape. Being a student at the U.S. college or university is very exciting but challenging process. It includes so many different things to consider. One of them is to get […]

Apr '18

Tips For Visitors How To Pack Light

You might wonder how to make your suitcase lighter when you want to travel, . Here is what you need to do: Depending on where you’re going, make a list of the things you will need. Don’t take too much clothes, choose light, comfortable clothes which will mix well together. Also, don’t forget the number […]

Apr '18

How To Pay For for Visitor Health Insurance Before Your Disney Vacation

Before you have your dream vacation at Disney you might have some concerns about your visitor health insurance. 1. How can I pay for visitor health insurance plans provided by India Network Services? Do I need to be physically in the United States? You can pay for your visitor insurance (which covers you while you […]